Social Mapping

This is the instant ability to tie an online and offline personality with the click of a button. Instantly our algorithm can pull all publicly available data of a possible hire into one screen allowing us to follow up and cross check on history and references whilst also proactively alerting current and potential employers of any change in status. Think

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The Revolution

Traditional Recruitment is no longer enough; Whilst HR process’s have been behind the curve when it comes to utilising the latest technology, the next 10 years will see nothing short of a revolution in the space of talent aquisition and management. The CHOYCE group have a dedicated team of developers under the brand name HKHR Tech,

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What we do?

Who ever thought of being a Recruitment Consultant when they were young? Not once did this field cross my mind until I started looking for jobs after graduation. So the question is, what does a recruitment consultant actually do? And i mean honestly… how hard can it be? Being a Consultant does not simply mean finding suitable candidates for clients

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Smart Data

Although Big Data gets a lot of attention, Smart Data is the future. The current hiring process is open to human error, emotion and prejudices. Our approach is data driven first, human evaluated second. Our self-learning algorithms continue to improve the more we use them, sorting through hundreds of thousands of values to

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