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Who ever thought of being a Recruitment Consultant when they were young? Not once did this field cross my mind until I started looking for jobs after graduation.

So the question is, what does a recruitment consultant actually do? And i mean honestly… how hard can it be?

Being a Consultant does not simply mean finding suitable candidates for clients or getting candidates a job.

There’s so much more to managing the end to end recruitment process. And due to the different client and candidate situations I encounter on a daily basis, I feel that I’m forever learning in this dynamic industry. Working with different clients across all industries, in one of the busiest cities in the world, Hong Kong, has broadened my view. Not only have I gained experience in recruitment and greatly improved my interpersonal skills in this sales driven field, but I have also learnt from different companies and been exposed to different cultures and backgrounds.

We are in the business of looking after people, and making them happy. As agents, we stand in the middle to take care of our clients and potential candidates. Through thorough communications, we gain an understanding of what both parties’ hopes and objectives are. Our role then becomes marrying the two together, and ultimately ensuring both parties benefit from the service we provide.

There are few dull moments in the field of Recruitment Consultancy. Seeing and meeting many different people on a daily basis; hearing and understanding their stories! That’s what motivates me in this field. Building relationships with both the clients and the candidates is what drives and satisfies me as a consultant.

So you wanted to know what it means to be a Recruitment Consultant. Well I hope I’ve painted a clear enough picture, from a seat I feel privileged to be in.

Karen Man


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